FAQ on BCCI Membership

1. What are the categories of membership available?

There are four categories of Members

  1. Life Member
  2. Ordinary Member
  3. Organisation Member
  4. Honorary Member

2. Can an Individual become a Member of BCCI?

Yes, only professionals e.g. Chartered Accountants, Lawyers (Taxation & Labour), Engineers and Consultants may become the Individual Members of the Chamber.

3. Can a branch company become a member?


4. Can a branch of a foreign company become a member?


6. Can a company outside Bihar become a member?


7. What is the subscription payable?

Subscription is based on turn-over for Trade and other Enterprises, Capital Outlay (Investment in Plant & Machinery and Fixed Assets) for Industries and, Gross Receipt or Income for Professionals.

Subscription rates are Min Rs 1500/- and Max Rs 10,000 /- depending on Turnover / Investment / Gross Income of the member.

(These are existing rates and liable for change as and when the Committee decides)

8. Is it one time or annual? Or is it for financial year or calendar year?

The subscriptions are to be paid on annual basis every financial year beginning April to March.

9. Is there any entrance fee?

Yes, admission fee is payable separately depending on categories of members, at the time of enrolling as member.

10. Do we require the introduction from the existing members to become a member?

Yes. The Request /Application should be recommended / proposed by the one member of the Chamber and be seconded by the other one.

11. What type of documents do we need to submit?

  1. Balance sheet
  2. PAN Card
  3. Partnership deed / Memorandum of Article in case of Partnership Firm / Company Registration Certificate (TIN No / ROC Registration No / Service Tax Registration No / Shop Act Registration No /VAT / CST /ET etc. ) or any other related document

12. How long does it take to admit the company as a member?

The applications are referred to the Executive Committee of the Chamber for consideration. The Committee usually meets once a month.

13. What services can I expect if I become a Member?

Press this link Benefits of Members to see full detail on the subject.


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