Brief History (1925-2012) : The Beginning of Chamber

  1. Board of Industries, a committee constituted by Government of Bihar & Orissa then working under Education Department passed a resolution on 1st May 1925 to look possibilities for formation of a trade organization in the province of Bihar & Orissa. For the purpose, the committee constituted a sub-committee consisting of Shri S M Dass (Cuttack), Dewan Bahadur R K Jalan (Patna), Rai Bahadur Banshi Dhar Dhandhania (Bhagalpur), Shri B F Madan, Shri Radha Krishna & Shri R C Pandit to sound business opinion & to find out ways & means for constituting the Chamber of Commerce in the province.
  2. After the report was submitted, the permission to form the Chamber was received from the Govt of Bihar & Orissa on 19th January 1926.
  3. Registration in the name of Bihar & Orissa Chamber of Commerce was granted on 23rd March 1926.
  4. The Chamber was formally inaugurated on 9th September 1926.
  5. The first elected Executive Committee was presided by Dewan Bahadur R K Jalan. Sri R C Pandit became the first elected Honorary Secretary.
  6. The Chamber was further recognised by The Government of Bihar & Orissa vide their letter no 450P dated 21 December 1926.
  7. Its first AGM held on 22nd May 1927.
  8. On 1st April 1936, Orissa separated as independent state. Thereafter, the name of Bihar & Orissa Chamber of Commerce changed to Bihar Chamber of Commerce in 1937.
  9. The present name Bihar Chamber of Commerce changed to Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries duly approved in EGM dated 28th Jul 2012 and Govt letter dated 14th August 2012.
  10. Bihar Chamber is one of the fifth oldest Chamber in the country. Rest are as follows:
A. Kolkata 1830
B. Chennai 1836
C. Mumbai 1836
D. Cochin 1857
E. Bihar 1926
F. FICCI 1927
G. Gujarat 1949
H. Delhi 1950

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