Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin is an instrument which establishes evidence o­n origin of goods imported into any country. These certificates are essential for exporters to prove where their goods come from and therefore stake their claim to whatever benefits goods of Indian origin may be eligible for in the country of exports.

There are two categories of Certificate of Origin:

(1)   Preferential

(2)   Non-Preferential

Preferential arrangement/scheme under which India is receiving tariff preferences for its exports are:

Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP)

SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement (SAPTA)

Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)

India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISLFTA)

Indo-Thailand Free Trade Agreement

India-Malaysia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (IMCECA)

India-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IJCEPA)

Asean - India Free Trade Agreement

These Preferential arrangements/agreements prescribe Rules of Origin which have to be met for exports to be eligible for tariff preference.

Authorized agencies o­n charging a fee as prescribed by them provides services relating to issue of Certificate of Origin, including details regarding rules of origin, list of items covered by an agreement, extent of tariff preference, verification and certification n of eligibility.

Export Inspection Council (EIC) is agency authorized to print blank certificates.


Non Preferential

Government have also nominated certain agencies to issue Non Preferential Certificate of Origin in accordance with Article II of International Convention Relating to simplification of Customs formalities,1923.These Certificate of Origins evidence origin of goods and do not bestow any right to preferential tariffs.

Exporters desiring Non preferential Certificate of Origin may apply any agency enlisted in Appendix 4C to Hand Book of Procedures vol.I with following documents:

a)      Details of quantum/origin of inputs/consumables used in export product.

b)      Two copies of Invoices

c)      Packing List in duplicate for concerned invoice

d)      Fee as may be prescribed by concerned agency.

The concerned agency would ensure that goods are of Indian origin as per general principles governing rules of origin before granting Non Preferential Certificate of Origin. The Certificate would be issued as per format given in Annexure II to Appendix 4C to the Hand Book of Procedures. It should be ensured that no correction/re-type is made o­n the Certificate. 


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